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a. 2. C. In addition, describe the State policies and procedures to provide Rapid Responses in cases of natural disasters including coordination with FEMA and other entities

Current Narrative:

Rapid Responses in Cases of Natural Disasters

In cases of natural disasters, the DEO rapid response coordinator works closely with the DEO emergency coordination officer who collaborates with the Florida Division of Emergency Management, local county emergency management staff and FEMA to assess the situation and needs of the affected area. Once it is approved by the local emergency management officials, staff from DEO and the CareerSource Florida network deploy to affected areas to deliver rapid response services.

DEO and the CareerSource Florida network have 22 mobile career centers equipped with telecommunications equipment. These mobile units contain computers, workstations and supplies for providing rapid response assistance. After natural disasters, these units can go into affected areas and serve as a mobile career center when local offices are flooded or without power. Mobile career centers serve as branch offices if local services are disrupted by natural disasters.

DEO has a memorandum of understanding with the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) allowing DEO to use mobile units owned by MDES if needed.