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b. 5. Describe the State’s criteria regarding local area transfer of funds between the adult and dislocated worker programs

Current Narrative:

The state’s Local Board Funding Distribution Policy for WIOA Title IB Formula Funds, and Recapture and Reallocation Policy contains the criteria for transfer of funds –

Local workforce areas, with the approval of the Governor, may transfer up to 100 percent of the Adult Activities funds for expenditure on Dislocated Worker Activities, and up to 100 percent of Dislocated Worker Activities funds for expenditure on Adult Activities.

in more detail, along with other funding policies and procedures.  It may be found on the state Workforce Development Council’s website at -  https://wdc.idaho.gov/workforce-innovation-opportunity-act/, Distribution of WIOA Title IB Formula Funds, Recapture and Reallocation.