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2 Year Modification

Alabama PYs 2018-2019 Published

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d. 2. I. i. II. a. A list of the institutions of higher education in the State that are preparing VR professionals, by type of program;

Current Narrative:

Currently, Alabama has five universities that offer the master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling. The universities, recent enrollment figures, and last year’s graduation numbers are listed below. (As reported by the universities)

Institution, Number of Students Enrolled, Graduates form Previous Year

Alabama A&M University, 55, 12

Alabama State University. 21, 9

Auburn University, 17, 9

Troy University, 17, 25

University of Alabama, 43, 7

Additionally there are numerous master’s-level counseling programs in Alabama including fourteen universities that offer CACREP accredited programs in various counseling fields: Alabama A&M University, Alabama State University, Auburn University, Auburn Montgomery University. Jacksonville State University, Troy University, Troy University-Dothan, Tory University-Montgomery, Troy University-Phenix City, University of Alabama, University of Alabama Birmingham, University of Montevallo, University of North Alabama, and University of South Alabama. Updated enrollment and graduate data as reported by the universities will be submitted with the next CSPD reporting period.