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e. 4. C. Data Assessment.

Review the previous four years Wagner-Peyser data reports on performance. Note whether the State has been meeting its goals to provide MSFWs quantitatively proportionate services as compared to non-MSFWs. If it has not met these goals, explain why the State believes such goals were not met and how the State intends to improve its provision of services in order to meet such goals.

Current Narrative:

Planned progress in agricultural outreach in PY 2014, did not achieve all of the progress sought. Agricultural job orders received and Agricultural job openings received remained largely unchanged from the previous two years at 240 job orders and 2,000 openings. Based upon historical trends, ASES does not expect these trends in the agricultural sector or the numbers of MSFW to change significantly in PY 2016. This reflects the continued decline in the number of farms and acres harvested in the state. The conversion to crops that are highly mechanized in their production also curbs the necessity for agricultural manual workers.

This trend is also reflected in the number of MSFW registering and seeking services through the Career center system. Those registered during the previous program year by quarter were: June 2014 - 98; December 2014 - 18; March 2015 - 35; June 2015 - 63; and September - 33. Of those served, indicators of compliance were met in referrals to employment, receipt of staff-assisted services, and Career Guidance while compliance was not met in referral to support service, job development contacts, and job placement.

Achievement of the state’s goals was hampered by transition of the Monitor Advocate position following retirement of the incumbent and hiring of a new Monitor Advocate. This disruption in continuity of service delayed many of the plans for outreach. The new Monitor Advocate and Telemon (167 Grantee), along with Alabama Career Center management and staff, have resumed pursuit of increased the outreach efforts that are expected to net positive results. While too soon to tell if the increased efforts have made a significant improvement, with continued outreach and effort based on the current information, Alabama should see no less than an upward trend in outreach.