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e. 4. D. Assessment of Progress

The plan must include an explanation of what was achieved based on the previous AOP, what was not achieved and an explanation as to why the State believes the goals were not achieved, and how the State intends to remedy the gaps of achievement in the coming year.

Current Narrative:

Florida exceeded its outreach goals outlined in the PY 2016 Agricultural Outreach Plan meeting the goal of 21,550 outreach contacts at the rate of 213 percent, by conducting 45,992 outreach contacts during PY 2016. The goal of 13,000 outreach contacts where staff assisted services were provided was not met. Only 10,907 staff assisted outreach contacts were made during PY 2016, a rate of 84 percent. 1,624 staff days of the 2,035 goal for staff days of outreach was not met. An extended vacancy in one significant office and the conversion of another significant office to non-significant status impacted outreach activities. The goal of 185 staff days per outreach worker was still ambitious, even after being reduced from 210 and then 190, staff days in previous plans. The required number of staff days dedicated to outreach was decreased to 185 per outreach worker. The goal for 500 outreach contacts made by cooperating agencies was met; a maximum of 531 contacts was reported for PY 2016. DEO, in partnership with the LWDBs, strives to meet or exceed all equity and minimum service level indicators. During PY 2015, Florida met all five equity ratio indicators and six of seven minimum service level indicators. The level of services attained is attributed to intensive outreach efforts by MSFW outreach workers and career center staff properly serving customers. The State Monitor Advocate is involved in the LWDBs reporting system by providing training and technical assistance during monitoring visits to address statistical data related to MSFWs. The State Monitor Advocate maintains on-going contact with MSFW outreach workers, to ensure accurate data are collected and reports are submitted in a timely manner. The report accurately reflects data of LWDBs’ efforts to assist MSFWs through out-of-office contact, referrals to supportive services and provisions of employment information and referrals.