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2 Year Modification

Indiana PYs 2018-2019 Published

Located in:

c. 4. Provide the Language Contained in the State Policy for “requiring Additional Assistance to Enter or Complete an Educational Program, or to Secure and Hold Employment” Criterion for Out-of-school Youth Specified in WIOA Section 129(a)(1)(b)(iii)(viii) and for “requiring Additional Assistance to Complete an Education Program, or to Secure and Hold Employment” Criterion for In- School Youth Specified in WIOA Section 129(a)(1)(c)(iv)(vii).

Current Narrative:

The state does not have a policy with specific language for “requires additional assistance to enter or complete an education program, or to secure and hold employment” for in-school or out-of-school youth. WIOA allows States and/or local areas to define the “requires additional assistance …” criterion that is part of the Out of School Youth and In School Youth eligibility. It clarifies that if this criterion is not defined at the State level and a local area uses this criterion in their Out of School Youth or In School Youth eligibility, the local area must define this criterion in their local plan. Examples of local definitions are below.

Region 1 Definition Example:

  • Identified substance abuse
  • Poor work history such as never worked, held 2 or more jobs within last year, or employment retention generally 3 months or less
  • Frequently moves from one place to another, has had 2 or more addresses in the past 6-months
  • Has one or more legal issues such as arrests or complaints without convictions
  • Has ongoing physical or mental health issues that have not been determined a disability

Region 3 Definition Example:

  • Lacks work experience
  • Cannot create/complete a budget
  • Is the child of an incarcerated parent
  • A youth who exhibits poor work readiness skills and/or has been terminated from previous employment

Region 4 Definition Example:

  • Is at risk of dropping out of High School due to grades/credits/attendance/not passing proficiency exam or has had an Out of School suspension or expulsion from school (ISY)
  • Has a court/agency referral mandating school attendance (ISY)
  • Is attending an alternative school / education program or has been enrolled in an alternative school within the past 12 months (ISY)
  • Is or was a Ward of the State
  • Has been referred to or treated by an agency for substance abuse/ psychological problems
  • A victim of domestic abuse or violence
  • Has a currently incarcerated parent(s)
  • Has neither the work experience nor the credential required for an occupation in demand for which training is necessary and will be provided (OSY)
  • Has been fired from a job within the 6 months prior to application (OSY)
  • Has never held a full-time job (30+ hours per week) for more than 13 consecutive weeks (OSY)

Region 11 Definition Example:

  • Currently residing in a household in which one or both legal parents are not currently residing
  • Does not have at least one parent who holds a post-secondary degree
  • Has received (or is currently receiving) treatment for substance abuse, or currently residing in the household with a parent or legal guardian who has a documented history of substance abuse
  • Lives (currently resides) in a domestic violence household
  • Has a parent who is considered an offender
  • Currently participating in special education services or has participated in special education while in school
  • Receiving SNAP or TANF
  • Living in the household of the custodial parent and not receiving regular child support