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2 Year Modification

Alabama PYs 2018-2019 Published

Located in:

c. 4. Provide the Language Contained in the State Policy for “requiring Additional Assistance to Enter or Complete an Educational Program, or to Secure and Hold Employment” Criterion for Out-of-school Youth Specified in WIOA Section 129(a)(1)(b)(iii)(viii) and for “requiring Additional Assistance to Complete an Education Program, or to Secure and Hold Employment” Criterion for In- School Youth Specified in WIOA Section 129(a)(1)(c)(iv)(vii).

Current Narrative:

Alabama’s state policy definition for someone who “requires additional assistance to complete and educational program or to secure and hold employment” is a low income individual who is (1) Indian, Alaska Native, or Hawaiian Native; (2) individuals who are English language learners, individuals with low levels of literacy, and individuals facing substantial cultural barriers; and (3) eligible migrant and seasonal farm workers.