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e. Waiver Requests (optional) (e1-e6)

States wanting to request waivers as part of their title I-B Operational Plan must include a waiver plan that includes the following information for each waiver requested:
  • 1. Identifies the Statutory or Regulatory Requirements for Which a Waiver is Requested and the Goals That the State or Local Area, as Appropriate, Intends to Achieve as a Result of the Waiver and How Those Goals Relate to the Unified or Combined State Plan;

  • 2. Describes the Actions That the State or Local Area, as Appropriate, Has Undertaken to Remove State or Local Statutory or Regulatory Barriers;

  • 3. Describes the Goals of the Waiver and the Expected Programmatic Outcomes if the Request is Granted;

  • 4. Describes How the Waiver Will Align with the Department’s Policy Priorities, Such As:

    • A. Supporting Employer Engagement;

    • B. Connecting Education and Training Strategies;

    • C. Supporting Work-based Learning;

    • D. Improving Job and Career Results, and

    • E. Other Guidance Issued by the Department.

  • 5. Describes the Individuals Affected by the Waiver, Including How the Waiver Will Impact Services for Disadvantaged Populations or Individuals with Multiple Barriers to Employment; and

  • 6. Describes the Process Used To:

    • A. Monitor the Progress in Implementing the Waiver;

    • B. Provide Notice to Any Local Board Affected by the Waiver;

    • C. Provide Any Local Board Affected by the Waiver an Opportunity to Comment on the Request;

    • D. Ensure Meaningful Public Comment, Including Comment by Business and Organized Labor, on the Waiver.

    • E. Collect and Report Information About Waiver Outcomes in the State’s WIOA Annual Report

  • 7. The Secretary May Require That States Provide the Most Recent Data Available About the Outcomes of the Existing Waiver in Cases Where the State Seeks Renewal of a Previously Approved Waiver;