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2 Year Modification

Indiana PYs 2018-2019 Published

Located in:

a. 2. B. Describe How the State Intends to Use Governor’s Set Aside Funding. Describe How the State Will Utilize Rapid Response Funds to Respond to Layoffs and Plant Closings and Coordinate Services to Quickly Aid Companies and Their Affected Workers. States Also Should Describe Any Layoff Aversion Strategies They Have Implemented to Address at Risk Companies and Workers

Current Narrative:

Use of the Governor’s Discretionary funds will help the State of Indiana: 1) meet employer demands for a pool of highly skilled workers; 2) greatly increase the number of adult low to mid-range incumbent workers and dislocated workers who will receive occupational skill training; 3) increase the competitiveness of business and industry; and 4) provide flexible funds for incumbent worker training initiatives. DWD has expended funding on competency based training through Western Governor’s University; assessments through CTB McGraw Hill and Kuder; and Business Consultants in each region.

DWD is responsible for overseeing Rapid Response services in Indiana. DWD works closely with local economic development officials, Regional Workforce Boards, and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation to ensure that all stakeholders are strategically involved in the process and that the training needs and skills required by employers are known. Currently, notices of layoffs and impending closures are submitted to the DWD. These notices may be a tip from a local office, a news report, or a WARN notice. Rapid Response activities are activated once a layoff is confirmed. Services that can be provided include; on site utilization of technology solutions which provide career cross walks, on-site orientations for unemployment insurance and employment services, assessments, labor management committees, and job search workshops. Labor market information and skills assessments are also available to those seeking information on new careers, trends, and average wages for the area. On the Job Training opportunities are also strongly encouraged to return the dislocated workers to meaningful employment. Rapid Response activities are coordinated through state staff, WIOA partner staff and local elected officials. The agency also utilizes a network of Business Consultants, partially funded through Rapid Response funds, to gather intelligence on current business trends, local economic conditions and any opportunity for layoff aversion available.