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b. 2. Describe How the State Will Incorporate Registered Apprenticeship into Its Strategy and Services.

Current Narrative:

CareerSource Florida works with the Florida Apprenticeship Advisory Council, convened through the Florida Department of Education to identify opportunities to promote registered apprenticeship and explore education opportunities for local boards to engage the state apprenticeship office and its local representatives. Florida received an ApprenticeshipUSA State Expansion Grant from the United States Department of Labor to integrate Registered Apprenticeships within the state’s existing workforce and economic development system. As part of the grant implementation, CareerSource Florida has joined forces with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, the Florida Department of Education’s Office of Apprenticeship, local workforce development boards, industry intermediaries and many other strategic partners to identify barriers, opportunities and pilot models of success. By positioning apprenticeships as a proven model that helps employers build a highly skilled workforce, education and workforce partners are breaking through systemic barriers to strengthen the state’s sector strategy initiatives.

CareerSource Florida is working with the Department of Economic Opportunity and the Department of Education to develop strategic and administrative policies regarding Registered Apprenticeship service design and delivery.