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Indiana PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

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III. b. 1. A. State operating systems that support coordinated implementation of State strategies (e.g., labor market information systems, data systems, communication systems, case-management systems, job banks, etc.)

Current Narrative:

DWD utilizes and/or makes available to its WorkOne constituents a variety of tools and systems to aid in service delivery to help them find or transition back into suitable employment. Some of these tools and systems include:

  1. WIN Learning: This is an internet-based remediation software. This software provides a soft skills curriculum composed of Career Readiness and Work Habits modules within the following areas of focus: interpersonal relations communications, cooperation, tact, concern for others, self-management, adaptability, dependability, initiative, honesty, resource management, time management, and customer service. The software determines if student should begin WIN or proceed to WorkKeys Assessments. WorkOne constituents can improve their WorkKeys scores utilizing WIN’s online training website. WIN allows users to practice core skills are career readiness standards utilizing real-world situations.
  2. WorkKeys: These assessments measure foundational skills required for success in the workplace and help measure workplace skills that can affect job performance. Many local employers require Hoosiers to achieve a certain level in WorkKeys prior to job seekers being permitted to apply for employment with their companies. WorkOne constituents complete the WorkKeys as one of the career readiness assessments or for the NCRC (National Career Readiness Certificate) a credential that verifies a participant’s skill levels.
  3. JOBS Program: This is a job profiling service and internet-based assessment system measuring workplace skills and identifying skills gaps and training needs. ACT provides job profiling services, which link skills associated with a specific job with skill levels on ACT’s WorkKeys tests. This also includes maintenance for Scantron optical scanners that are utilized to score WorkKeys tests.
  4. Indiana Career Connect (ICC): Indiana’s official job searching and workforce services system. Utilizing this website, constituents can register for work, create and send resumes, complete work-readiness assessments, and access resources regarding training providers and regional labor market information. ICC is also the state’s case management system utilized to document eligibility, activities, and notes for WIOA participants. These activities include the required joint development of the Individual Employment Plan (IEP), recorded assessments, scanned documents, and reports and copies of any credential attainments.
  5. Geographic Solutions: This is a case management and labor exchange system. It provides labor exchange, case management, and reporting functionality for WIOA, TAA, and various local programs. The system provides configuration reviews and connects to Indiana Career Connect, mobile applications, customer relationship management systems, and intake assessments and eligibility determinations. As a case management system, Geogrpahic Solutions creates referrals, training/education, job placement and retention, and reporting for performance management.
  6. Career Interest & Aptitude Assessments/Indiana Career Explorer: This is provides a career planning system and aptitude assessments for Indiana students (grade 6 and above), all postsecondary students and adult Indiana residents. Kuder’s Indiana Career Explorer is a web application where Hoosiers can complete a research-based career assessment to explore their occupational goals and interests. This site links resources for education planning to help the individual visualize which industry or career, field of study, or school to pursue next in life.
  7. Hoosiers by the Numbers: This is Indiana’s primary website for Labor Market Information (LMI), which provides multiple types of data outputs, including dashboards, profiles, radius tools, and Tableau visualizations. The website allows Indiana to disseminate critical labor market information to meet federal and state objectives. The Office of Career Connections & Talent used this source to create local dashboards comprised of data for talent development, recruitment, and retention milestones. Local regions can use this dashboard to define local priorities and areas for growth. The core of Hoosiers by the Numbers is strong navigation geared to people looking for their county or region or a specific piece of data on a workforce related topic. The site is powered by more than 7 billion records in the joint databases of the Indiana Business Research Center (IBRC) and DWD and is meant to serve as a leading informational site for business developers, researchers and the public alike.
  8. Online Assessment Tests: The TABE assessment toolkit provides both online and paper/pencil assessments. It assesses adults for placement in education, training, and employment programs, as well as readiness for a high school equivalency. TABE is a web-based assessment of basic and secondary education knowledge foundational for the workplace. Constituents and case managers utilize TABE to identify potential basic skills deficits and challenges prior to them enrolling in training to ensure that they are prepared for postsecondary education.
  9. SkillsEngine: SkillsEngine is a repository of nationally ranked skills (by employers) identified by occupation that are needed for someone to qualify or succeed in a given occupation/industry. The skills data are built into Indiana Career Ready INDemand Jobs and Occupational Profile Pages so that job seekers can see what skills employers are requiring for a particular occupations. 
  10. Credential Engine: The Department of Workforce Development has partnered with the Commission for Higher Education in its support and utilization of Credential Engine, an international registry of available credentials that provides Hoosiers more transparency in the spectrum of credentials available in Indiana. This tool will be comprised all credentials from Indiana’s postsecondary institutions, as well as those found on the Eligible Training Provider List, allowing Hoosiers to better analyze their options for potential credentials in the Indiana marketplace and select the training option that best meets their needs.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) also maintains and continues to expand the Workforce Information Database (WID) with state and local data that cover at least the most recent ten-year period, as well as any federally applicable changes mandated. The WID serves as a primary source for Indiana’s Labor Market Information website (www.hoosierdata.in.gov) and is supplemented by the STATS Indiana databases, which have been built and maintained by DWD’s university partner, Indiana Business Research Center (IBRC), for more than 30 years. Today, both the WID and STATS databases power Hoosiers by the Numbers and STATS Indiana through our partnership with the IBRC. The data cover counties, metropolitan statistical areas, economic growth regions, and a balance of state areas, in addition to statewide estimates and aggregates and small area data for census tracts, zip codes, and radii. The STATS databases also include data for other states, which powers our tools for those needing bordering county/state data.

In the fiscal year 2018-2019, the website platforms supported by DWD Research and Analysis tallied nearly half a million unique users. Nearly two million web pages were viewed during that 12-month period. The primary website for LMI is Hoosiers by the Numbers website, which provides multiple types of data outputs, including dashboards, profiles, radius tools, Tableau visualizations, and more.

In October 2016, Indiana launched a new combined case management and labor exchange data system (Indiana Career Connect /ICC) via its vendor, Geographic Solutions. The local workforce boards report their data and information to DWD through this case management system. This system aligns with the state’s labor market information data, interactive website, and tools for jobs seekers and career counselors. DWD Research and Analysis houses both Indiana’s labor market information division, as well as the federal reporting team responsible for producing training performance reports as dictated through the PIRL (Participant Individual Record Layout). This office also assists with data questions and analyses of outcomes against current economic and wage data.

In addition, the DWD Business Intelligence unit builds upon data made available through Research and Analysis Warehouse (RAW) and ICC/Geographic Solutions to deliver enhanced, customized performance metrics and to provide research request responses related to Title I and Title III, as well as additional state and federally funded workforce programs. Examples of this work using UI wage record data for Federal and State performance metrics can be found here:  (https://www.in.gov/dwd/RPM.htm), the Workforce Programs Report (https://www.in.gov/dwd/WPR.htm). Additional programmatic evaluations are performed upon request. State business service staff work in conjunction with locals to provide and analyze labor market information. The level of collaboration between state and local staff does vary by region. Business Intelligence state staff funnels information through the local business services reps as opposed to working directly with employers. One area of opportunity Indiana will explore through this Combined Plan is to develop a more coordinated approach with other agencies and our local Workforce Development Boards to serving and sharing information with employers to avoid employer fatigue.

DWD also created IndianaCareerReady.com (ICR), a web-based application that offers connectivity to Indiana CareerConnect.com, IndianaCareerExplorer.com, and the Hoosiers by the Numbers websites. Through the ICR website, Hoosier jobseekers, employers, students/parents, education/training providers, and workforce partners can access career and interest assessment tools, search for education and training opportunities, and find current job openings.

DWD developed an occupational ranking system to determine Indiana INDemand jobs. The demand indicator is based upon a methodology that ranks all Indiana jobs based on future growth and wages. Rankings are updated quarterly using demand and wage data.

Indiana also has a comprehensive longitudinal data system that is operated by Indiana's Management Performance Hub (MPH). There are a number of core and partner programs that input there data into that system. We will continue to make improvements on the data elements that are a part of MPH so that comprehensive reporting can be done through one state agency rather than through multiple partner agencies and programs. This will ensure that the data is being reported in the same manner and independently for the state board's review.