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III. b. 1. A. State operating systems that support coordinated implementation of State strategies (e.g., labor market information systems, data systems, communication systems, case-management systems, job banks, etc.)

Current Narrative:

(A) The ATLAS on Career Pathways will integrate the workforce data and the education data into a unified system to create reports requested and approved by the P-20W Council. The ATLAS on Career Pathways is expected to leverage the strengths of education and industry to improve educational outcomes and to promote workforce and economic development by providing the capability to look at educational outcomes and workforce outcomes across entities and over time. It will also maximize existing data assets by utilizing education and workforce training program outcome information from early learning through postsecondary education and into the workforce. The ATLAS on Career Pathways will also provide information on the effectiveness of educational and workforce training programs, not individuals, by doing all of the following:  Assessing the availability of a skilled workforce to address current and future demands of business and industry; Providing information to improve the effectiveness of educational programs and educational outcomes; providing information to improve the effectiveness of workforce training and workforce outcomes; Providing timely and actionable information to students and parents to aid in career path decisions; Providing information regarding return on investment of educational and workforce programs; Guiding decision makers at all levels to further facilitate the enhancement of educational and workforce programs.