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  • III. Operational Planning Elements

    The Unified or Combined State Plan must include an Operational Planning Elements section that supports the State’s strategy and the system-wide vision described in Section II(c) above.  Unless otherwise noted, all Operational Planning Elements apply to Combined State Plan partner programs included in the plan as well as to core programs.  This section must include—

III. a. 1. State Board Functions

Describe how the State board will implement its functions under section 101(d) of WIOA (i.e., provide a description of Board operational structures and decision making processes to ensure such functions are carried out).

Current Narrative:

1. State Board Functions
The Alabama Workforce Development Board (AWDB) was appointed by the Governor in November 2015 in compliance with Section 101(a) of WIOA. The AWDB carries out its WIOA required functions as provided in Section 101(d) of WIOA to ensure the alignment of Alabama’s workforce development programs. The Alabama Workforce Development Board meets quarterly and provides feedback on policies, programs, and system effectiveness to core workforce partners and employers.

The Board has one (1) working committee in addition to the Executive Committee. The working committees are:

Innovation and Accountability Committee: The Innovation and Accountability Committee assists the Board in developing a strategy to increase external growth and to leverage available existing resources to improve the quality of services.

The State Workforce Development Board’s decision-making process generally starts with the Board committee discussed above. State Board committees will meet between quarterly Board meetings to review recommended state policies, Department of Labor or Other Federal partner agency guidance, and core partner staff proposals for operational guidance. Committee recommendations will be submitted to the Executive Committee or the Full Board with recommendations for action via vote. State Board support staff may also provide policy recommendations and /or operational guidance recommendations electronically to the Board or Board committees for Board feedback and input. Any Board member may also present recommendations to the Executive Committee or the Full Board for consideration and vote by the Board. All actions and recommendations by the Board are presented as a motion and a second before a vote is taken. All motions and the Board decisions via vote are maintained in the official Board minutes available on the Department of Commerce website (www.madeinalabama.com).

The staff support for the Alabama Workforce Development Board will be provided by the Alabama Department of Commerce’s Workforce Development Division; however, the Board and its Committees will also utilize core partner staff to assist in carrying out required Board functions outlined in WIOA.