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Florida PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

Located in:
  • III. Operational Planning Elements

    The Unified or Combined State Plan must include an Operational Planning Elements section that supports the State’s strategy and the system-wide vision described in Section II(c) above.  Unless otherwise noted, all Operational Planning Elements apply to Combined State Plan partner programs included in the plan as well as to core programs.  This section must include—

III. a. 1. State Board Functions

Describe how the State board will implement its functions under section 101(d) of WIOA (i.e., provide a description of Board operational structures and decision making processes to ensure such functions are carried out).

Current Narrative:

1.  State Board Functions

State Board
Florida’s workforce system is led by the CareerSource Florida State Board of business and government leaders charged with guiding workforce development for the state of Florida. The state board, required under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, is supported directly by CareerSource Florida Inc., a nonprofit organization and professional team that works at the direction of its Board of Directors and with partners across the state to meet its mission. That unified mission is to connect employers with qualified, skilled talent and Floridians with employment and career development opportunities to achieve economic prosperity. Collectively, CareerSource Florida provides oversight and policy direction for talent development programs administered by DEO, the executive state agency responsible for workforce policy implementation and administrative and fiscal affairs and implemented by Florida’s 24 local workforce development boards. DEO partners with CareerSource Florida and the local workforce development boards to strengthen Florida’s business climate by supporting employers and helping Floridians gain employment, remain employed and advance in their careers. 

The CareerSource Florida Board of Directors includes the Governor and, currently, 25 members appointed by the Governor and legislative leaders. The board includes leaders in business and industry, government, labor, economic development, education and youth and community-based organizations whose contributions influence the development of strategies and policies, ensuring Florida has a robust, globally competitive workforce. The work of this board and the entire state workforce system is vital to achieving the Governor’s priorities for helping Floridians obtain employment and establishing Florida as a top job-creating state. Governor DeSantis also has set a goal for Florida to be No. 1 in the nation in workforce education by 2030. The state board plays a critical role in strengthening Florida’s business climate by helping to ensure Florida’s workforce and education programs are aligned to the needs of business through its policy-setting and oversight role. 

The CareerSource Florida Board of Directors ensures compliance with federal and state laws, provides clear expectations regarding ethical conduct, transparency, quality customer service. The state board provides oversight into the governance of local workforce development boards. For example, the State Board approved the strategic policy Board Governance and Leadership, requiring local workforce development boards to employ sound management practices and controls for the proper expenditure of funds and verification of program performance outcomes. The Board also approved the strategic policy Ethics and Transparency, to sustain integrity, accountability and transparency in decisions and actions that earn and protect the public trust. State and local workforce development boards must conduct business in an open manner and provide electronic or simplified access to information including but not limited to state and local plans, governance and organizational decisions, financial decisions and selection of local one-stop operators. Strategic policies are located on the CareerSource Florida website:  https://careersourceflorida.com/careersourceflorida-policies/.

The CareerSource Florida network-assisted 136,328 job seekers who were reported in the last fiscal last year to have gained employment. The network is committed to expanding business engagement at both the state and local levels. Across the network, nearly 56,000 businesses were served last year through assistance with recruiting, hiring and training.

Governance Structure
The governance structure, through which the state board conducts its work, consists of the board of directors, two councils – the Strategic Policy and Performance Council and the Finance Council – and an Executive Committee composed of council chairmen and board leaders appointed by the state board chairman.

Strategic Policy and Performance Council
Florida law gives CareerSource Florida the authority to create state employment, education and training policies that ensure programs prepare workers in response to present and future business and industry needs and complement the initiatives of Enterprise Florida, Inc., the state’s economic development organization (Section 445.004(6)(a), Florida Statutes). Consistent with CareerSource Florida’s strategic goals, priority is given to addressing workforce needs for businesses in the state’s target and infrastructure industries.

The CareerSource Florida Strategic Policy and Performance Council includes board members who possess relevant experience or expertise in the subject area of the council.

The Strategic Policy and Performance Council uses a formal Policy Development Framework process to review existing policies and develop new strategies and policies designed to foster a performance-driven talent delivery system with the ability to serve individuals at all levels and businesses of all sizes to meet the demands of Florida’s growing and diversifying economy. The Strategic Policy and Performance Council analyzes, discusses and finalizes strategic policies and performance incentives for the CareerSource Florida network as directed by the chairman of the board.

Recommendations of the Strategic Policy and Performance Council are considered for approval by the CareerSource Florida Board of Directors. Ten board members currently serve on this council.

Finance Council
CareerSource Florida’s Finance Council includes board members who possess relevant experience or expertise in the subject area of the Council. The Finance Council’s primary goal is to ensure the workforce system is in good financial health, its assets are protected, and the state’s resources are used appropriately and accounted for sufficiently. Through this effort, the Council assists the CareerSource Florida Board of Directors in ensuring the resources available to the state for workforce training programs and support services are used effectively and efficiently with utmost accountability and transparency to maintain public confidence and trust.

The Finance Council is responsible for directing the statewide allocation of workforce system funding and safeguarding the workforce system’s resources and assets.

The Finance Council meets in conjunction with the regular quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors if there is business that needs to go before the Council. Additional meetings, whether held in person or by telephone, may be conducted at the request of the board chairman or the council chairman. Recommendations of the Finance Council are considered for approval by the CareerSource Florida Board of Directors. Seven board members currently serve on this council.

Executive Committee
Chapter 445, Florida Statutes, states that the CareerSource Florida Board of Directors may establish an Executive Committee consisting of the Chair of the Board and at least six additional board members selected by the chairman, one of whom must be a representative of organized labor. The members of the Executive Committee determine strategic priorities, provide board-level guidance and advice and monitor progress and continued relevancy of strategic priorities. The Executive Committee:

  • Performs duties as delegated by the chairman and/or directed by the board;
  • Addresses time-critical matters in cases where the entire board cannot be convened in a timely manner;
  • Reviews recommendations of the Finance Council prior to board consideration; and
  • Reviews policy and performance recommendations prior to board consideration.

The Executive Committee meets at the request of the Chairman. Eight board members currently serve on this committee.

The following graphic outlines CareerSource Florida Board Governance.

Figure 3.01
CareerSource Florida Board Governance
Figure 3.01 can be viewed online at https://careersourceflorida.com/CSF_Board_Governance.png.

Figure 3.01 CareerSource Board Governance  The illustration shows the flow of information from the CareerSource Florida Executive Committee, to the Finance Council and/or the Strategic Policy and Performance Council and to the Board of Directors.  The CareerSource Florida Professional Team is in the center, depicting the facilitation of this flow of information.
The state board is committed to leveraging its resources and those of its primary workforce system partners and its strategic partners in business, economic development and education to address talent needs at every skill level and foster a globally competitive workforce. To ensure the workforce strategies and policies developed by the state board are consistent with approved state and local plans, the board collaborates with DEO, LWDBs and other partners vital to workforce services delivery. LWDB partners hold meetings in conjunction with the state board’s quarterly meetings. This provides opportunities to showcase best practices and to identify and address challenges to enhance collaboration and improve performance outcomes. Regular meetings between the CareerSource Florida professional team and the leadership of LWDBs provide a forum to discuss strategic issues and to identify policy objectives and best practices for service delivery.