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  • III. Operational Planning Elements

    The Unified or Combined State Plan must include an Operational Planning Elements section that supports the State’s strategy and the system-wide vision described in Section II(c) above.  Unless otherwise noted, all Operational Planning Elements apply to Combined State Plan partner programs included in the plan as well as to core programs.  This section must include—

III. b. 3. B. State Board

Provide a description of the State Board, including—

Current Narrative:

Alabama Workforce Development Board Membership
WIOA Section 101 - The State board shall includeMembersNumber
The Governor WIOA Sec 1010(b)(1)(A)Governor Kay Ivey1
Representatives of State Legislature WIOA Sec 101(b)(1)(B)

A member of each chamber of the State Legislature (to the extent consistent with State Law), appointed by the appropriate presiding officers of such chamber;
Terri Collins - Alabama House of Representatives

Clay Scofield - Alabama Senate
Representatives of Business WIOA Sec 101(b)(1)(C)(i)

Members appointed by the Governor, of which –

A majority shall be representatives of businesses in the State, who –

   I.       are owners of businesses, chief executives or operating officers of businesses, or other business executives or employers with optimum policymaking or hiring authority, and who, in addition, may be members of a local board described in section 107(b)(2)(A)(i);

   II.  represent businesses (including small businesses), or organizations representing businesses described in this subclause, that provide employment opportunities that, at a minimum, include high-quality, work-relevant training and development in in-demand industry sectors or occupations in the State; and

   III.  are appointed from among individuals nominated by State business organizations and business trade associations;
George Clark, Board Chair - President, Manufacture Alabama

Ronnie Boles, President, General & Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.

Joseph Brown, Area Manager, Alabama Power Company

Lawrence Lavender, Owner/Sec/Treasurer, Lavender, Inc.

Russell DuBose, HR Director, Phifer, Inc.

A.J. Cooper, Attorney, Cooper Law

Bobby Humphrey, VP, Bryant Bank

Tony Wojciechowski, HR Director, Hyundai Power Transformers USA

Mike Reynolds, President, BroadSouth Communications, Inc.

Perry Hand, President/CEO, Volkert, Inc.

Sandra Koblas, HR Director, Austal U.S.A.

Cleveland Poole, VP, Pioneer Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Kasey Myers, Manager, CSP Technologies

Donny Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama

Ashley Ramsay-Naile, VP, Crowder Gulf

Bruce Willingham, President, Mach III, Inc.

Steve Hildebrant, Manager, Alabama Power Company

Jim Searcy, Executive Director, Economic Development Association of Alabama

Ken Tucker, Director, The Boeing Company 
Representatives of Workforce WIOA 101(b)(1)(C)(ii)

Not less than 20 percent (20%) shall be representatives of the workforce within the State, who - 

I. shall include representatives of labor organizations, who have been nominated by State labor federations;

II. shall include a representative, who shall be a member of a labor organization or a training director, from a joint labor-management apprenticeship program, or if no such joint program exists in the State, such a representative of an apprenticeship program in the State;

III. may include representatives of community-based organizations that have demonstrated experience and expertise in addressing the employment, training, or education needs of individuals with barriers to employment, including organizations that serve veterans or that provide or support competitive, integrated employment for individuals with disabilities; and

IV. may include representatives of organizations that have demonstrated experience and expertise in addressing the employment, training, or education needs of eligible youth, including representatives of organizations that serve out-of-school youth; and
Mike Fields, Director, Alabama AFL-CIO Executive Board

Bren Riley, President, Alabama AFL-CIO

Mary Allbritten, Project Director, Alabama AFL-CIO

Sydney Raine, President, Southwest Alabama Partnership for Training & Employment

Frank Coiro, Center Director, Montgomery Job Corps

Matthew Dudley, Director, BEJATC

Paulette Risher, Still Serving Veterans

Jason Phelps, Executive Director, Alabama Construction Recruitment Institute

Lynne Stokley, CEO, Easter Seals Alabama
Representatives of Government WIOA Sec 101(b)(1)(C)(iii)

the balance -

I. shall include representatives of government who –

aa.  shall include the lead State officials with primary responsibility for the core programs; and

bb.  shall include chief elected officials (collectively representing both cities and counties, where appropriate); and

II. may include such other representatives and officials as the Governor may designate, such as –

aa.  the State agency officials from agencies that are one-stop partners not specified in subclause (I) (including additional one-stop partners whose programs are covered by the State plan, if any);

bb.  State agency officials responsible for economic development or juvenile justice programs in the State;

cc.  individuals who represent an Indian tribe or tribal organization, as such terms are defined in section 166(b); and

dd.  State agency officials responsible for education programs in the State, including chief executive officers of community colleges and other institutions of higher education.
Required WIOA Core Partners:

Fitzgerald Washington, Secretary of Labor, Alabama Department of Labor, Title III

Ed Castile, Deputy Secretary of Commerce for Workforce Development, Alabama Department of Commerce, Title I

Jane Elizabeth Burdeshaw, Commissioner, Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, Title IV

Jimmy Baker, Chancellor, Alabama Community College System, Title II

Required County Elected Official:

Merceria Ludgood, President - CLEO, Mobile County Commission

Required City Elected Official:

Tony Haygood, Mayor - CLEO, City of Tuskegee


Nancy Buckner, Commissioner, Alabama Department of Human Resources

Alan Baker, Representative, Alabama House of Representatives

Keith Phillips, Alabama Community College System

James Purcell, Executive Director, Alabama Commission on Higher Education

Josh Laney, Director, Alabama Office of Apprenticeship (A Division of the Alabama Department of Commerce)