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  • III. Operational Planning Elements
    The Unified or Combined State Plan must include an Operational Planning Elements section that support the State’s strategy and the system-wide vision described in Section II.(c) above. Unless otherwise noted, all Operational Planning Elements apply to Combined State Plan partner programs included in the plan as well as to core programs. This section must include—

III. b. 4. A. Assessment of Core Programs

Describe how the core programs will be assessed each year based on State performance accountability measures described in section 116(b) of WIOA. This State assessment must include the quality, effectiveness, and improvement of programs broken down by local area or provider. Such state assessments should take into account local and regional planning goals.

Current Narrative:

Core programs are assessed each year based upon actual performance relative to federally required negotiated levels of performance at the state and local areas. Using the Statistical Adjustment Model, negotiations are conducted with each LWDB annually. Each quarter, performance is evaluated and, if necessary, technical assistance provided in areas of concern. Periodic training sessions are provided as necessary to identify and replicate innovative practices and engage in continuous improvement.