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d. 2. O. iii. The Outreach Procedures That Will Be Used to Identify and Serve Individuals with Disabilities Who Are Minorities, Including Those with the Most Significant Disabilities, as Well as Those Who Have Been Unserved or Underserved by the Vr Program.

Current Narrative:

Outreach to Individuals with Disabilities who are Minorities and/or who have been Unserved or Underserved

VR continues to assess its services to individuals with the most significant disabilities and individuals who may be unserved or underserved, as well as those with the most significant disabilities who may be from minority populations. Strategic projects and local–level outreach activities include the following:

• 1.1.1. Develop and implement all components of the VR Business Relationship Program.

• 1.1.2. Redesign and implement pre–employment services for transition–age customers.

• 1.1.3. Design and implement a program about service alternatives for customers to use in making an informed choice prior to entering subminimum wage employment.

• 1.1.4. Design and implement enhancements to the Vendor Profile document for customer use in making informed choices regarding employment providers.

• Continue to explore partnership opportunities with community/faith–based organizations. Develop contact lists of faith–based and other diverse programs as resources for partnership opportunities.

• Continue to identify outreach activities conducted by VR area offices for underrepresented populations. Conduct outreach in local communities to promote VR as an agency, and help individuals with disabilities who are minorities or who may be unserved or underserved to return or remain in the workplace.

• Continue to conduct outreach to migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their families through contracts with community–based organizations and other partners.

• Continue to implement activities outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding with the Lower Muscogee Creek Tribe.