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d. 2. O. iv. The Methods to Be Used to Improve and Expand Vr Services for Students with Disabilities, Including the Coordination of Services Designed to Facilitate the Transition of Such Students from School to Postsecondary Life (including the Receipt of Vr Services, Postsecondary Education, Employment, and Pre- Employment Transition Services).

Current Narrative:

Improving and Expanding VR Services for Students with Disabilities

WIOA provides great opportunities for VR to increase transition services and opportunities to youth with disabilities. Increased information and referral to transition age youth is built into WIOA, and VR has already begun providing more transition service–related information to youth. Strategies noted below are anticipated to increase opportunities for students with disabilities.

• Continue to offer Third–Party Cooperative Arrangements (TPCA) to all school districts annually. Although VR approaches and offers TPCA partnerships to all school districts in Florida, the partnership is dependent on the individual district’s decision to participate. VR has recently hired another transition administrator to ensure that information is provided consistently to all school districts, and to coordinate and monitor active and potential TPCA partnerships.

• Two peer mentoring initiatives are planned at this time. A peer mentoring/IPS project with a youth element is being developed in Broward County, and a youth–specific peer mentoring project is being developed in partnership with Florida Atlantic University.

• Additional initiatives are under way to increase provider capacity and offer more opportunities to youth. These include approval of CareerSource Florida to provide pre–placement services, revision of Certified Business and Technical Assistance Consultants (CBTAC) recertification procedures, and increase in CBTAC and Discovery providers. VR is also partnering with Volunteer Florida, Centers for Independent Living, Florida ARC, and High School High Tech to offer more OJT and community work experiences.