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d. 2. O. v. If Applicable, Plans for Establishing, Developing, or Improving Community Rehabilitation Programs Within the State.

Current Narrative:

Improving Community Rehabilitation Programs

VR assesses its business processes and organizational capacity on an ongoing basis to make consistent improvements. Results of the FFY 2014 Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment did not indicate a need to establish or develop community rehabilitation programs, although it was indicated that employment providers have a need to better promote and raise awareness of their services. Strategies to improve business relationships with community rehabilitation programs include:

• 1.1.1. Develop and implement all components of the VR Business Relationship Program.

• 1.1.2. Redesign and implement pre–employment services for transition–age customers.

• 1.1.3. Design and implement a program about service alternatives for customers to use in making an informed choice prior to entering subminimum wage employment.

• 1.1.4. Design and implement enhancements to the Vendor Profile document for customer use in making informed choices regarding employment providers.